Ask Beastly: Changing My Body for Love

Beastly, I won’t start dating until I lose some weight. Is this okay?

How to Reject Your Faith

Beastly, I’m gay, and that still gives me so much guilt and shame because of my faith.

Queer Teens, I Promise Life Gets Better

Beastly, I’m a teenager. I hate my looks and have so much shame. Guys scare me. I don’t know what to do.

Queers, You Need To Find Your Guides

Beastly, I’m a virgin and have struggled with my sexuality for a long time.

I’m Christian. How Do I Come Out?

Beastly, I’m in the closet and my church says homosexuality is a sin. Even so, I really want to come out.

Ask Beastly: Don’t Be Exclusive

Beastly, I met a guy who I really, really like. But I’m monogamous and he isn’t.

Ask Beastly: No One Belongs to You

Beastly, my partner does nude modeling and I hate it. I don’t trust him not to cheat.

You Can’t Change Your Partner

Beastly, I wish my boyfriend would spend some time in the gym. How can I say this without hurting him?

How to Be a Cum Dump

Beastly, I have questions about taking anonymous loads and groups.

‘Gay’ Is a Tool, Not a Cage

How I came to “gay” and how I grew past it.