I Don’t Feel Sexy Enough to Date

Beastly, I won’t start dating until I lose some weight. Is this okay?

I Want Friendship First, Sex Second

Beastly, I want to keep things casual. Any advice?

Gay Men Rarely Say Goodbye Forever

Beastly, my relationship is ending. Should we do a ‘soft’ goodbye or stop talking completely?

What Non-Monogamy Can Do For You

Beastly, I met a guy who I really, really like. But I’m monogamous and he isn’t.

Checking Your Partner’s Phone Is Abusive

Beastly, my partner does nude modeling and I hate it. I don’t trust him not to cheat.

You Can’t Change Your Partner

Beastly, I wish my boyfriend would spend some time in the gym. How can I say this without hurting him?

You’ve Come to the Worst Dating Deal-Breaker

Beastly, my partner and I have been married for 5 years. He still requires monogamy, but the sex has stopped. What can I do?

How Long Before I Can Date Again?

Beastly, after 20 years, my partner betrayed me. How long until I’m ready to date again?