Big Life Question

This week: being gay and Deaf or hard of hearing, writing about what you love, and not giving up.

The Self Dance

This week: the relationships we keep — with ourselves, our minds, our partners, our lovers, and our butts.

Gods on the Dance Floor

This week: HIV disclosure, and how I cope with body dysmorphia.

Thank You Satan for Fem Tops

This week: the struggles of being a fem top, and masturbating at work.

The Joy of Group Sex

This week: how to plan a sex group, and managing anxiety at a sex party.

Hey Sucker

This week: How to train yourself to be an oral sex god.

All Of You

This week: what personal details belong on hookup apps?

Gay Men Rarely Say Goodbye Forever

This week: a reader knows it’s time to break up. Should it be a “soft” breakup or total separation?