21 Reasons To Buy My Slutty Book

My upcoming book, MY LOVE IS A BEAST, will hit shelves this October.

Ask Beastly: Changing My Body for Love

Beastly, I won’t start dating until I lose some weight. Is this okay?

How To Fuck Your Friends

Beastly, I want to keep things casual. Any advice?

Ask Beastly: When Does the Anger Stop?

Beastly, I came out and my life is good now, but I still feel so angry.

Ask Beastly: Why Do We Love Drugs?

Beastly, I want to explore wilder sex, but I’m worried about drug use.

Ask Beastly: How Do I Stop Fissures?

Beastly, why does bottoming seem easier for everyone else?

Ask Beastly: Two Hung Tops Need Help

Beastly, my partner and I are both very hung and neither of us can bottom without pain.

Fag Seeks Alpha for Fisting and Fun

I’m looking for a regular playmate.