Big Black Racism

Let’s talk about the fetishism of Black male bodies.

Before You Try Sex Work

Beastly, I want to try sex work, but I’m worried about sex trafficking.

How To Make an Open Relationship Work

My advice after three years with my favorite person.

What Details Go on Sex Apps?

Beastly, does my disability go on Grindr?

How To Stop Being a Cheater

Beastly, I love him, but I can’t stop cheating on him.

21 Reasons To Buy My Slutty Book

My upcoming book, MY LOVE IS A BEAST, will hit shelves this October.

How To Fuck Your Friends

Beastly, I want to keep things casual.

The Powerful Anger of Gay Men

Beastly, I came out and my life is good now, but I still feel so angry.