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Sex-ed content faces alarming internet censorship. Sweeping policy changes in recent years have resulted in the disproportionate censoring of LGBTQ content. From draconian “Community Guidelines” on Facebook to the banning of porn on Tumblr, the internet has become a heavily policed place.

For the most part, this censorship is a result of FOSTA/SESTA — two pieces of legislation passed with bipartisan support in 2018 that suggest any and all sex-focused content online can be indicative of human trafficking. FOSTA/SESTA have eradicated freedom of speech and harmed consensual sex workers and other marginalized communities. Meanwhile, they have done nothing to curb sex trafficking or help trafficking victims.

Since the passage of FOSTA/SESTA, WordPress now labels certain blogs “adult content” and blogs with this label are barred from holding ads or generating ad revenue. This blog is considered “adult content” even though none of my images show nudity or explicit imagery. In fact, most images on this site come from Pexels, a family-friendly photo-sharing platform which WordPress directly partners with.

This tactic is called “demonetization.” It’s a common way that censoring entities attack sex-associated content (YouTube demonetized my friend Amp’s sex-ed channel “Watts The Safeword“). The next step is to ban sex-related content outright, and that will happen if we do nothing.

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