Ask Beastly

Do you have a sex, love, or relationship question? You’re in the right place.

All questions are posted anonymously.


EVERYONE IS WELCOME. All identities, genders, ages, orientations, faiths, fetishes, and cultural backgrounds are welcome.

ALL QUESTIONS ARE WELCOME. However, I tend to prioritize questions related to kink, fetish, and more tabooed subjects. Sending a message does not guarantee a post. Please note: you do not have to use your real name in the contact form below.

I DO NOT EDIT QUESTIONS. That would be unethical. Last names/family names will be removed to protect identity. I will not answer indecipherable questions or multiple emails from the same email address.

DISCLAIMER: Although I often consult therapists and other health professionals, I am not a doctor and cannot provide medical advice. My work in pleasure products gives me extensive knowledge about sex toys, but all product recommendations come from me. I am NOT being paid to recommend certain products and I DO NOT have sponsored posts.

PRONOUNS: Please include your pronouns in your message.


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