How often do you post new content?

Weekly. Every Monday, usually in the morning. But if you don’t see a post Monday morning, check back Monday afternoon. Better yet, click the follow button below and get notified when new posts come.

Are you single?

No, but I’m free to mingle.

Who is this blog for?

A substantial percentage of my readers are gay, bisexual, queer, and questioning men, but this blog is not exclusively for them. I welcome and appreciate messages from women, femmes, nonbinary folks, straight folks, and all others. This blog is an anti-racist, trans-friendly, sex-positive, nasty little corner of the internet where you’re free to ask about anything — especially things that might be considered taboo. I have answered questions from young teenagers and from people old enough to be my grandparents.

I see toys and other products recommended in your posts. Are these companies paying you?

No. I do not have sponsored posts on this blog. My work as a copywriter has given me access to certain adult brands and their products, but none of my clients have paid me to promote their products here, and I would not that even if they asked. The products I recommend here are ones I have personally used or have some personal experience with.

I don’t see any ads. How do you make money?

WordPress calls my blog “adult content,” even though none of my images show explicit imagery or nudity, and therefore will not allow me to feature ads, create paid content, or accept monetary donations through the WordPress platform. They’ve stripped me of my ability to monetize my site. Demonetization is a common censorship tactic, a way to eradicate sex-oriented content. (Read my report in Out Magazine about how this censorship disproportionately targets the LGBTQ community.) This blog is 100% donation-supported. I kindly ask for tips and monthly donations on Patreon. Every dollar given helps me continue running this blog.

I love this blog! Where else can I see your work?

Check out my column in The Advocate and visit my website for a sampling of my past and current projects. If you’re interested in my illustration — a lesser-known skill — check out my art on Instagram and please DM me regarding commissions.

Why is your nickname “Beastly”?

This blog began as a class assignment during my last year of undergrad. Everyone in the class had to start a blog and was graded on content, traffic, and so on. This blog was originally titled “The Psycho Ex-Boyfriend,” but a friend from England suggested changing “psycho” to “beastly,” a British slang term for “nasty” or “terrible,” just because it sounded better. At the time, I was going through a nasty breakup and my ex was telling everyone how awful I was, so I started this blog primarily in retaliation. I intended it to be a tell-all about the sex I was enjoying without him, assuming he’d read it (he did). Those early posts were very mean and childish and have since been deleted. My classmates started talking about the blog and it generated some buzz among the writing department. I received messages from friends-of-friends asking about sex, dating apps, and so on. (I was president of the queer student group, so these questions weren’t especially uncommon.) For years, my blog pivoted between film reviews and personal posts before I took a cue from Dan Savage’s “Savage Love” column in The Stranger and made my blog what it is now. One day before class, a friend shouted “Hey Beastly!” in the hall, which gave me the idea to sign posts with “Beastly” as a proper name. Shortly after that, I discovered kink and found a fetish home in the pup community. Human pups are often given (or give themselves) pup names and my “handler” — my boyfriend at the time — decided “Beastly” should be mine. I’m no longer in pup scene, but the nickname has stuck.

I sent a question months ago. Will it be answered?

Almost certainly. I receive many questions and some are harder to answer than others. My ability to answer quickly is sometimes impeded by time and work constraints. I often consult experts and do research, which also slows down the process. All that said, I do not answer questions that are very long — over 300 words — or indecipherable. I also do not respond to multiple questions from the same email address.

I hear you’re an illustrator. Where can I see/purchase your art?

Check out my art on Instagram. If you want to buying anything you see, please message me there. I am taking commissions, so please DM me!

I’m looking for a writer and/or copywriter. What is the best way to contact you?

Please email me via alexcheves.com.

Do you have an OnlyFans?

I have a JustForFans, which is essentially the same thing. If demand increases, I will get an OnlyFans too.

Every time I visit this blog, the colors are different. When will you stop changing them? What is wrong with you?

I will never stop.