I see sex toys and other products recommended in your posts. Are these companies paying you?

No. I do not have sponsored posts on this blog. I’m a copywriter, which means I write the text you see on certain brand websites, and if you’ve checked out any of the products my clients sell, I wrote their descriptions — the short narratives that explain their features and details and hopefully make you want to buy them. My copywriting has given me access and insight into the adult toy industry (and other industries), but I’m also a consumer of many products from brands I do not work for. I recommend good products that I’m familiar with and/or have personally used. My recommendations are not for sale.

So how do you make money?

I don’t. I survive on tips and monthly donations from my awesome supporters on Patreon. My blog is labeled by WordPress as “adult content” even though none of my images show nudity or explicit imagery. For this reason, WordPress will not let me have advertisements on this blog. Demonetization (cutting off someone’s ability to make money) is a common way that internet censorship destroys valuable sex education content online. Read my report in Out Magazine about how this censorship disproportionately targets LGBTQ people.

I love this blog! How can I say thanks?

Please tip me. This blog is 100% donation-run and every donation helps me continue doing this. If you can, please support my work with a small monthly donation on Patreon. You can support me for as little as $5 per month. Along with the ability to message me directly, patrons receive special perks, gifts, and merch from me.

Why are you called “Beastly”?

It’s a long story. This blog started as a class assignment in 2013 during my final year of undergrad — we were graded on content, traffic data, posting consistency, and so on. I called it “The Psycho Ex-Boyfriend.” In review, an English friend suggested changing “psycho” to “beastly,” a British term for “nasty” or “terrible,” simply because “The Beastly Ex-Boyfriend” sounded better. “And besides,” he said, “You’re not psycho. You’re just mad.”

It was true. The blog was personal: I was going through a nasty breakup and my ex was telling everyone how terrible I was. And I was terrible — I cheated on him, as I did in all my relationships before discovering non-monogamy, and he was very hurt. He was also quite popular, and he used his popularity to wage a childish social war between us. I lost most of my friends.

I started a tell-all blog about my sex life to get back at him. Those early posts were mean-spirited and have since been deleted. My peers enjoyed the blog, and I started receiving messages from friends-of-friends asking for advice on sex, hooking up, and so on. (I was president of the LGBTQ student group on campus, so these kinds of questions were not uncommon.) One day a guy shouted “Hey Beastly!” in the hall, which gave me the idea to start signing posts with “Beastly” as a name rather than an adjective.

Then I discovered kink and BDSM — and the pup community — and my pup name became “Beastly.” I’m no longer a pup, but the nickname has stuck.

I sent a question months ago. Will it be answered?

Yes, probably. I receive many questions and some are harder to answer than others. Please be patient. Although most questions will be answered, some will not be — please see #3 on the “Ask Beastly” tab.

I hear you make spooky art. Where can I see/purchase it?

Check out my art Instagram. I’m currently taking commissions. Please message me via Instagram or via my website, alexcheves.com.

I’m looking for a writer! Are you available?

Yes! Please email me through my website, alexcheves.com.

Do you have an OnlyFans?

No, but I have a JustForFans, which is an identical platform to OnlyFans, except that JFF is better for content producers.