Fag Seeks Alpha for Fisting and Fun

I’m looking for a regular playmate.

Bug-Chaser: To Gift or Not to Gift?

Beastly, I was a bug-chaser. Now I’m poz and someone wants me to give them HIV. Should I do it?

We’re Both HIV-Positive. Can We Be Reinfected?

Beastly, my boyfriend and I are HIV-positive, undetectable, and want to bareback.

Thank You for the Thank-You Letters

Don’t make me blush.

Why Some HIV-Positive People Do Not Disclose

Beastly, I’m an HIV-positive, undetectable guy. I want to go to a sex party. When and how should I disclose my HIV status?

Read This Before Having Bareback Sex

Beastly, I love barebacking! What are the risks?

Bug-Chasing Is a Dark, Sexy, Misunderstood Fetish

Beastly, I have a lot of questions about guys who intentionally seek HIV.

How to Be a Cum Dump

Beastly, I have questions about taking anonymous loads and groups.