PSA: Fear Makes Sex Better

Beastly, I want to be be a slut, but my anxiety is getting in the way.

What Details Go on Sex Apps?

Beastly, does my disability go on Grindr?

Fag Seeks Alpha for Fisting and Fun

I’m looking for a regular playmate.

When He’s Begging for Your HIV

Beastly, some fuck buddies want me to infect them.

Don’t Worry About HIV ‘Superinfection’

Beastly, my boyfriend and I are HIV-positive, undetectable, and want to bareback. Can we be reinfected?

Thanks for the Love Notes

Reader-submitted sweet messages.

Why Some HIV-Positive People Don’t Tell

Beastly, I’m HIV-positive, undetectable, and going to a sex party. How do I disclose my status?