I Want Friendship First, Sex Second

Beastly, I want to keep things casual. Any advice?

How to Reject Your Faith

Beastly, I’m gay, and that still gives me so much guilt and shame because of my faith.

Gay Teens, I Promise It Gets Easier

Beastly, I’m a teenager. I hate my looks and have so much shame. Guys scare me. I don’t know what to do.

Internalized Gay Shame Will Wreck You

Beastly, I’m a virgin and have struggled with my sexuality for a long time.

Gay, Christian, and Ready to Come Out

Beastly, I’m in the closet and my church says homosexuality is a sin. Even so, I really want to come out.

Checking Your Partner’s Phone Is Abusive

Beastly, my partner does nude modeling and I hate it. I don’t trust him not to cheat.

Not a Top, Bottom, or Vers. Are You a Side?

Some queer men don’t enjoy anal sex. And that’s OK.

You Can’t Change Your Partner

Beastly, I wish my boyfriend would spend some time in the gym. How can I say this without hurting him?

How to Be a Better Bottom

Beastly, I need some bottoming help. Getting clean is hard, and I’m too tight.

Scat Pigs Are Having a Moment

Beastly, I’ve been watching scat porn and am thinking about trying it.