Yes, You Can Untangle Drugs From Sex

Drugs are not evil — they can be beautiful experiences and enhance sex. But if you need them to have sex, you need to call in some help.

Just Like Riding a Bicycle

Bisexuality and bottoming are things you can’t fully prepare for — sometimes you just have to hop on and go.

When Bad Feelings Come After Sex

Many people have temporary depression and anxiety after sex.

Cancel Culture Is Our Ugly Side

Here’s more reader feedback, fights, and FFriendly notes.

Fuck Your Way Into Confidence

Nobody feels sexy in the beginning. Also, I’m trying something new — please enjoy my art.

Are You Ready to Get Fisted?

Two questions answered about my favorite sport — how to jump from toys to hands, and what water is best for douching.

Weird and Wonderful

The hot, strange, less-noticed kinks and fetishes are no less important than the more common ones.

Desire Is Your Kink Admission Ticket

To explore kink, you don’t need proper gear or even foundational knowledge. You just need curiosity.