Kink Is Healthy. Stop Apologizing for It.

Beastly, I mostly had hardcore sex when I was younger. Now I’m older and should be “settled down,” but I just can’t enjoy regular sex.

Why Your Gag Fetish Feels Strange

Beastly, I’m really into gags (not bondage) and talking about this with guys makes me feel embarrassed.

6 Dating Tips for Throuples

Beastly, my boyfriend and I are both interested in someone and think we might become a triad (or throuple).

You Might Not Be Straight

Beastly, I’m a straight white man but I have a fantasy of being submissive to a Black gay dom.

What Happened at Folsom in 2015

A bottoming brag.

The Sacred Heart of Pup Play

Kink connects us with our primal, animal urges.

Beastly Reviews: Fifty Shades of Grey

Beginner kink to shock straight people.