How to Cheat With Permission

Beastly, I love him, but I can’t stop cheating.

21 Reasons To Buy My Slutty Book

My upcoming book, MY LOVE IS A BEAST, will hit shelves this October.

How To Fuck Your Friends

Beastly, I want to keep things casual.

The Powerful Anger of Gay Men

Beastly, I came out and my life is better, but I still feel so angry.

Why Do Gay Men Love Drugs?

Beastly, I’m exploring wilder sex and worried about my drug use.

What To Do About Anal Fissures

Beastly, why is bottoming easier for everyone else?

Advice for XXL Top Couples

Beastly, my partner and I are both very hung and neither of us can bottom without pain.

Fag Seeks Alpha for Fisting and Fun

I’m looking for a regular playmate.