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Hi Beastly —

I stumbled across your blog today, and I’ve got to say I LOVE your perspective on all things gay sex. It really helps. I wanted to get your opinion on the different piercings gay men get. (I.e. guiche, Prince Albert, scrotum, etc.). How often do you see these in the wild? And what’s your opinion on male genital piercings? What all is available? Thanks for everything you do, man!

Hi friend,

It’s hard to say how popular male genital piercings are, but I’d wager that whatever percentage of men you think have them, the actual number is higher. Dozens of men in my immediate orbit have them, not counting myself.

I have a taint piercing, also called a “guiche.” Mine is a heavy stainless steel ring danging between my balls and hole. It does absolutely nothing for me sexually. The only time I remember I have it is when it occasionally gets caught on a butt hair, which hurts.

When I’m naked, it makes a little clanking sound on every hard surface I sit on. I once attached a Hello Kitty keychain to it and swung it around. That was the most fun I’ve had with it.

Here is a decent guide to the different genital piercings that people with penises can get along with their benefits and drawbacks. My opinion on them is extremely neutral.

Prince Albert piercings — PAs — are the most popular and have a lustful draw, but as everyone with a PA will tell you, they can be a huge pain. They make peeing difficult, they can leave a permanent hole in your dick, and they are not necessarily pleasurable for bottoms during sex (at least according to the general consensus).

They do, however, look very sexy, and that counts for something. For guys who eroticize piercings and body-mod as erotic practice, PAs and other genital piercings can be very stimulating.

You have options!

It’s estimated that humans have been piercing their bodies (and, presumably, their genitals) since before we invented writing. The oldest mummy ever discovered had pierced ears. King Tut, the famous Egyptian mummy, had pierced ears and was buried with his abundant jewelry. 1,300 years later, Julius Caesar wore earrings during his reign between 49-44 BC.

Throughout history, earrings have been worn by men and women — sailors wore gold earrings so that if they died at sea, the earring could pay for a funeral (today we still widely associate single gold earrings with pirates and sailors). In Ancient Greece, foreskin piercings on men were tied with a thong to the base of the penis to keep the genitals out of the way during sports, like the Olympic games, and during combat.

The Prince Albert was supposedly named for Queen Victoria’s husband. Legend claims he had it done in order to conceal his large bulge in his tight pants, which were fashionable for men in England at the time. Legend says the piercing was attached to a hook on the inside of his pants. There is no evidence to support this story, which was likely spun by the piercing’s inventor, Jim Ward — widely considered the grandfather of modern piercing in the early ’70s

The myth that PAs increases stimulation in the dick or the ass (when you’re fucking someone) is just that — a myth. But I want to stress that there’s nothing wrong with getting something that makes you feel good. I have many tattoos, which are permanent and have zero utility (in sex or any other pastime). They simply make me feel good. They are my favorite part of my body.

Do whatever makes you feel good, regardless of how many other people do it. Don’t believe any “true meanings” behind piercings — most of these are anecdotal and not widely held. Most popular piercings in the West were co-opted by white people from tribal practices in Africa, so any white narrative about them is likely a European invention. That said, people of all races and creeds now enjoy piercings, so you’re allowed to do what you want. It’s your body to love and put holes in.

Love, Beastly

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  1. I would like to send you a photo of my genital piercings!! Because I’m very proud of my genital piercings!! I hope you will say yes and let’s me send you a photo of my genital piercings by e-mail!! Thank You!!👍👍👍


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