My Message for Your Homophobic Family

This week: homophobic relatives, slutty roommates, and how to support queers in America.

Your Relationship With Porn

This week: falling for a sex worker, enema play, and having a better relationship with porn.

Midnight Cowboy

This week: being a virgin to gay sex, and my personal douching regimen.

Hard Parts

This week: an older gay man feels disconnected from gay culture, and another is exploring ways to treat E.D.

Gods on the Dance Floor

This week: HIV disclosure, and how I cope with body dysmorphia.

Thank You Satan for Fem Tops

This week: the struggles of being a fem top, and masturbating at work.

You’re in the Club

This week: a nonbinary queer person is struggling with gay hookup apps.

Size Queen

This week: the BBC myth has racist roots, and some practical advice on gags.