I Came Out. Where Is the Joy?

Beastly, I came out and my life is good now, but I still feel so angry.

Bug-Chaser: To Gift or Not to Gift?

Beastly, I was a bug-chaser. Now I’m poz and someone wants me to give them HIV. Should I do it?

Internalized Gay Shame Will Wreck You

Beastly, I’m a virgin and have struggled with my sexuality for a long time.

My Boyfriend Believes He’s a Sex Addict

Beastly, I’ve fallen in love with a recovering alcoholic who says he is also a sex addict.

Gay, Christian, and Ready to Come Out

Beastly, I’m in the closet and my church says homosexuality is a sin. Even so, I really want to come out.

Explaining Sex Work to Your Parents

Beastly, I’m a sex worker in New York and worried about my family finding out.

Beating the Need for Chems

Beastly, I love to party, but last time sent me to the Emergency Room. I know I need to stop. Any advice?