How a Blowjob God is Born

My tips on getting better at oral sex— but only if you want to be.

What Details Go on Sex Apps?

Beastly, does my disability go on Grindr?

No One Belongs to You

Beastly, my partner does nude modeling and I hate that others see him naked.

When Everything’s Great Except the Sex

Beastly, I want to date my ex-boyfriend again, but the sex needs work.

In Sex, Failure Is Great

Beastly, he has more experience than I do. Can it work?

You Can’t Change Your Partner

Beastly, I wish my boyfriend would spend some time in the gym.

When You Need To Move On

Beastly, I learned that a guy I like isn’t interested in a relationship and just wants sex.

12 Things I Have Learned About Love

This will help when things get hard.