The Gods on the Dance Floor

Two questions answered — about the elusive fight for self-confidence, and about what to do when someone withholds their HIV status.

Happiness Only Real When Shared

I’m responding to more reader feedback. Keep it coming.

The Powerful Anger of Gay Men

Beastly, I came out and my life is better, but I still feel so angry.

Fag Seeks Alpha for Fisting and Fun

I’m looking for a regular playmate.

When He Wants Your HIV

Beastly, some fuck buddies want me to infect them.

Can Someone Get HIV Twice?

Beastly, my boyfriend and I are HIV-positive, undetectable, and want to bareback. Can we be reinfected?

The Truth About Bug-Chasing

Beastly, I have questions about guys who want HIV.

I’ve Been Thinking About Dying

I decided to stay here a little longer — and I hope you will, too.