I Don’t Feel Sexy Enough to Date

Beastly, I won’t start dating until I lose some weight. Is this okay?

How to Reject Your Faith

Beastly, I’m gay, and that still gives me so much guilt and shame because of my faith.

Gay Teens, I Promise It Gets Easier

Beastly, I’m a teenager. I hate my looks and have so much shame. Guys scare me. I don’t know what to do.

Internalized Gay Shame Will Wreck You

Beastly, I’m a virgin and have struggled with my sexuality for a long time.

Gay, Christian, and Ready to Come Out

Beastly, I’m in the closet and my church says homosexuality is a sin. Even so, I really want to come out.

Not a Top, Bottom, or Vers. Are You a Side?

Some queer men don’t enjoy anal sex. And that’s OK.

You Might Not Be Straight

Beastly, I’m a straight white man but I have a fantasy of being submissive to a Black gay dom.