1. Awesome article thank you , i never was judgemental ever and love the way you have awesomely did this article …..
    I discovered fisting a while ago and although i didn’t believe it was doable .. I was soooo attracted to it and sooo wanted to try it .. I have to this date being fisted very sadly for me ( not sure where to go or how to approach some one able it … although a bit concerned my desire to be fisted surpasses the rest
    I have few large dildos and try fisting myself in a not to bad result ( not satisfied)
    I’m so turn on by fisting it’s awesomely weird but extremely addictive if I could be “done”
    Thank you for your article again
    Brilliantly written
    Siam ( Sam )


  2. So attracted to fisting .. try large dildo and selfisting. Not sure who to ask or approach some one about ….♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Awyarticle thank u


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