If You Don’t Like Condoms, There Are Other Ways to Play Safe

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I have a problem that started a year ago approximately. First of all, I was diagnosed HIV positive 3 months ago. Like many people I got infected because I started having unprotected sex, this was because I started having a problems using condoms. Every time I was with a hook up everything went well, we had some foreplay and my dick is erected but then, when I put the condom on, I lose the erection completely and it’s something that gets me really frustrated at that time (I’m a top). I started not using condoms sometimes but now, in my case, i need to use them mandatorily, but the problem still persists and I really don’t know how to handle the situation. I don’t know if it’s something psychological or something else. Hopefully you can give me some advice.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank you for your articles. They helped me A LOT when I was depressed about my diagnosis and made me feel much better.

Hi poz brother,

Your message is very kind. Your question illustrates a major problem in the condom doctrine. Various people fighting AIDS — including the bombastic Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation — have smeared HIV prevention methods that don’t involve condoms as a primary preventative (and he has supported his arguments with unfounded, anti-scientific rhetoric).

Weinstein mostly takes aim at PrEP, a daily pill for HIV-negative people that prevents HIV. Like other anti-science scaremongers, Weinstein has touted a disaster scenario that PrEP (currently the drug Truvada) will eventually fail and that other organizations including the Centers for Disease Control are actively pushing PrEP as a replacement for condoms in some kind of anti-condom conspiracy.

Although this claim is patently false (the CDC clearly states on its official website that PrEP should be used in conjunction with condoms to be most effective), PrEP doesn’t mean much for us, people living with HIV. Luckily, PrEP is not the only HIV preventative. Being HIV-positive and undetectable — achieved by taking anti-HIV meds as prescribed — makes you undetectable and unable to transmit HIV. This is called TasP, or treatment-as-prevention. So PrEP and TasP are automatically two condomless HIV prevention methods.

But HIV isn’t the only sexually transmitted infections out there. PrEP and TasP don’t protect anyone from gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and other common STIs. And with these, you simply have to weigh risk versus reward. I choose to forego condoms, because I don’t enjoy how they feel. Therefore I am at higher risk of catching gonorrhea and syphilis, and I get frequent STI testing to catch these infections quickly. I know many HIV-positive men who refuse to use them. If asked, I imagine many of them would describe similar problems with condoms as you do.

They don’t feel great. Many men can’t stay hard when using them. And sexually active men who have sex men aren’t going to use an HIV prevention method that doesn’t feel good — regardless of the risks.

So let’s talk reality. You’re not going to want to continue using condoms if you can’t stay hard. Your meds can prevent HIV, but what do you do about other STIs? Nothing, except get tested frequently — at least once every three months, and if you’re having lots of condomless sex, I recommend getting a full STI screening once a month, or even more frequently. In your STI screenings, you should try to get tested for everything, including Hep C. Tell your doctor to be thorough.

Very frequent testing is what barebackers (guys who don’t use condoms) do to minimize the spread of STIs like gonorrhea and syphilis in our midst. If you catch something, get treated for it and don’t fuck anyone for at least two weeks. It’s true that this isn’t a preventive healthcare method — it’s a responsive one, so it’s automatically more taxing on the body and less healthy in the strictest sense. Frequent antibiotics and other medicines used to treat STIs are hard on the immune system (as well as your gut and colon health). But these are the risks I choose to live with. A realistic public health approach must take into account practices that people will actually adhere to — and available data shows that men who can’t get hard wearing condoms will not use them. So, this is the next best thing.

An HIV diagnosis is hard, but I hope someone has told you by now that you’re going to be fine. Your sex life will continue, and it may be even better than it was before — mine was. It does not have to be a sterilized sex life marked by a thin latex membrane wrapped around your dick.

Love, Beastly


  1. That was quite a misleading title. The writer, like millions of others with the same problem, are looking for tips to use a condom and keep your erection. Like making sure you get the right size. Making sure you unroll it fully Adding a dap of lube in it . Try using a condom while you masterbate to get used to it or using a female condom in the bottom…
    Instead, you immediately tell him, “he doesn’t enjoy condoms” so PreP is the only alternative (which still “officially” recommends using condoms). It isn’t even about HIV. Lots of people want to use condoms to prevent lots of other STIs. You could have given a better answer…


  2. The problem for me is that condoms are fucking crap! First guy to fuck me told me to go bareback, so I’ve never used a condom. Prefer bareback porn and the idea of cum inside me instead of a condom is a turn on.

    I am of course HIV POZ, I knew HIV was the biggest risk, but never cared to ask guys their status. I was a slut who loved barebacking with any guy who wanted to pound my hole! Got HIV at 21. The guy told me he was poz and I was slamming meth so told him to breed my hole with poz cum. Fucking enjoyed every second of it. Yeh I was high but meth made it feel amazing and I loved it. He went another 4 times and I was feeling every bit of poz cum inside of me. Found the whole thing horny as, knew I was getting HIV and really enjoyed it! Some people might be sick at that sentence, sorry, but love getting fucked and knowing I was getting something people didn’t want made me want it more.

    Barebacking bttms like me just know when we decided to fuck raw, HIV was always to be expected one day. I was a young gay boy enjoying sex.

    Safe sex is simply not for me! Condoms were never touched and always wanted cum in my hole, regardless of STDs. I was a young cumdump, and condoms get in the way. Condoms are simply not for me, hate them! Much rather feel cum inside my hole. Barebacking all the way!

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